Data protection declaration

Data protection

In accordance with Article 45 of the Federal Act on Insurance Supervision (LSA) and the Federal Act on Data Protection (LPD), we are responsible for the processing of your personal data, which is collected in a customer file. The purpose of this processing is to execute the consultancy and insurance management mandate that you have entrusted to us. If it becomes necessary to process your personal data beyond the scope of the consultancy and insurance management mandate, we are obligated to inform you.

Within the aforementioned mandate, we would like to inform you that we may transmit your personal data to named data recipients (primarily insurers and pension foundations), who may, in turn, seek information about you from external specialists (such as doctors, engineers, business economists, etc.). Your personal data is used by them to determine the benefits they are obliged to allocate or insure. Please be aware that they are not our subcontractors, and we cannot be held responsible for the processing of information in their possession.

We may be required to transfer personal data abroad if such data is necessary for the execution of our consultancy and insurance management mandate and if the data recipients are subject to a jurisdiction offering an adequate level of data protection.

In accordance with Article 3 of the Ordinance on Data Protection (OPDo), we have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures for data storage to best protect the integrity of your digital data. Security measures include intrusion prevention, file restoration, control and prevention of misuse, and falsification. Our information systems are organized around a set of hardware, telecom, and software resources (databases) following rigorous and methodical rules. Information processing takes place within our own perimeter, without storage on a public cloud. Our employees actively contribute to the security of the information system based on their respective skills and responsibilities.

You are obligated to inform us of any changes to your personal data that are necessary for the execution of our consultancy and insurance management mandate.

We retain your data for the applicable legal duration, which is typically ten years after the end of the mandate (but may be longer depending on the specific situations).

You have the right to access your "customer file" and request the modification or deletion of data concerning you, within the limits prescribed by law.