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Specialty Lines


Whether for a watchmaker, a jeweler, a museum or a corporate collection, items of value require special insurance protection.

Our job is to stay by your side, providing advice, customized solutions and guidance for risk management.

Areas stands out for its long-standing experience in the luxury sector, working with market-leading insurers specializing in this field.


In a global economic, political, and social landscape that remains as complex as ever, it is essential to clearly set out the scope of supply chain risks.

Goods make up a strategic business asset and must be protected from all domestic and international transportation risks, whether by land, air, or sea.
Areas will help you choose the solution best suited to your commercial practices and implement a tailored program with specialist insurers.


Credit insurance protects businesses from commercial and political risks that are out of their control. Considering the importance of effective management of trade receivables, protection against client insolvency and default risks, as well as any breach of contract, is essential. Changes in legislation, expropriation, nationalization, labor movements, armed conflicts and terrorist attacks are all covered as political risks.

This policy allows companies to improve their cash positions and to better secure bank financing.

Areas is here to help you assess your needs and provide you with an insurance program designed specifically for the market in which your company operates.


A key person is an essential manager or employee who contributes significantly to the success of the business. The key person’s inability to carry out his or her responsibilities, in whole or in part, would lead to a decline in operations and possibly even a complete shutdown of the business.

This policy serves to guarantee the continued viability of the company by offsetting a decline in revenue, safeguarding creditors and providing liquidity for the recruitment of a new key person.

In its comprehensive analysis, Areas pays special attention to protecting the company’s assets by identifying its needs and proposing the most suitable solution.


Insurance covering abduction ransom demands (K&R) offers protection not only from financial damage, but also provides the benefit of advisory services with global leaders in the fields of security and crisis management.

Focused on death threats and risks of asset deterioration, disclosure of trade secrets and kidnapping, this insurance package is specifically designed for companies active in oil, gas or mining, as well as NGOs and other organizations operating in high-risk countries.

Areas provides you with regular information on hazardous areas and helps you protect your managers and employees around the world thanks to its extensive experience in implementing such policies.


To ensure a truly successful event, professionals must be attentive to clients' needs.

One unforeseen incident could lead to the cancellation of the event, leaving the organizer liable. Should an event be canceled in whole or in part, it is essential to protect yourself from third-party claims by insuring the funds invested.

Areas analyzes and determines your needs, offering the best possible insurance plans in collaboration with the market’s leading insurers.


As governance flare corporations grows in prominence, risk management must be controlled and financed.

Captive vehicules serves to optimize your insurance budget while offering a flexible and effective solution for alternative risk financing or difficult-to-place risks, a mechanism that is difficult to insure on the traditional market.
Areas provides its expertise to assess the viability of implementing an optimal tailor-made solution (fronting, self-insured retention, alternative risk transfer) and negotiate with insurers and reinsurers, with an eye to improving risk and claim management.